The Projekt

This fashion project is a revolutionary merger between the physical and digital world: the production of 80 physical sweatshirts each backed by a Non-Fungible Token (“NFT”). Through this, we aim to blur the barriers between the traditional way of doing fashion, and the future.

This adventure is the fruit of the alliance between Projekt002™️, the team behind Wer-haus®, the concept store of Barcelona that closed in 2019, and Studio 93, the creative label of WWWESH STUDIO™️, a famous multidisciplinary studio using a wide range of creative expression who gives birth to ideas through forms and drawing, graphics content or experiential installations.

The philosophy of the project is to bring something new and innovative in the way fashion is currently done. By linking each SWEATSHIRTS to a NFT on the blockchain, its authenticity and ownership is validated by one of the fastest growing and challenging piece of technology available in the world nowadays. In line with the advent of Digital Art and countless NFT collections, we thought this was a movement we wanted to be a part of, but in our own way. But what is our way? We tried to interlock as much as possible the digital and physical world in this AMBRE NFT SWEATSHIRT Collection.

First, the NFTs: each are unique 3D sculptures that are an olfactory representation of a perfume ( created for the occasion ), also represented on the back of the sweatshirt. They are all numbered #1 to #80.

Second, the Physical SWEATSHIRT: each of them has a print on the back, and on the front a marker that people will be able to scan with their smartphone to have a version of the drawing on the back in augmented reality. This interlock is further developed with the creation of a unique perfume DEVELOPED for this CAPSULE only, that people will receive with the Physical piece.

Auctions will open on the 22nd October with the release of 10 Crypto Sweatshirts (more will be released in the weeks after). People will be able to buy them by placing bids during a 72 hours auction on the platform Opensea.

Only 50 NFTs out of the 80 will be released to the public.

Instagram: @projekt__002
Title: The AMBRE NFT SWEATSHIRT Collection.

•  Release Date: 22nd October 2021 •