• What is a NFT (“Non-Fungible Token”)?
A NFT is a token that you can mint, i.e. create, on the blockchain, a public ledger that uses cryptography to validate transactions. The token is unfalsifiable and you can attach to it a digital file, be it a jpeg, png or mp3 to create Digital Art. When you buy a piece of Digital Art, what really happens is that you buy the validation that you are the owner of a token on a fully secured cryptographic public ledger. With this, there is no more need for a third-party to validate the authenticity of a piece of Art.

• On what blockchain will your NFTs be minted?
We will mint them on the OpenSea platform, which uses the Ethereum blockchain.

• How is each NFT linked to the corresponding physical sweatshirt?
Each NFT will be numbered #1 to #80, and on each physical sweatshirt’s front a marker will be placed with the number of the sweatshirt in the list.

• How can I buy one of the 80 sweatshirts?
The only way to buy the sweatshirts is to win the NFT auctions on rarible. For this, you will need to create an Ethereum wallet, link it to a metamask account, then create a rarible account linked to this metamask account. And then of course you will need to put funds on this wallet, be it in Ethereum or USD/EUR with a visa card. We will detail below every step, but if you have any issues please do not hesitate to contact us at contact@projekt002.com

• How can I create an Ethereum wallet?
The easiest and fastest way to create an Ethereum wallet (if you do not already have one) and to be able to bid on these NFTS and to have funds available to bid, is to create a Metamask account, with it create a rarible account and add funds with your credit card directly to the account. The whole process is explained with more details here.

• Will you drop all the 80 NFTs in one go?
No, we will drop the 50 NFTs gradually in 5 drops of 10 NFTs over the coming weeks. The first drop will be the NFTs #50 to #41. 

• Why 80 nets and only 50 sold?
The NFTs #80 to #51 will not be on sale as will be given to friends and family.

 How long will each auction last?
Each auction will last for 72 hours.

• How do you sell to someone else if you have won the NFTs and received the Crypto Sweatshirts physically?
This is something that is up to everybody. However, while we tend to emphasize that one piece of the item does not go without the other, it is clear that the NFT is the only item that offers authenticity to the Sweatshirt. We therefore strongly advise people to buy or sell the NFT first, and then to arrange themselves afterwards about the transfer of the physical hoodie.

• How do you know someone has won the auction of one of your NFTs, so that you can ship the sweatshirt to them?
The winner of an auction will receive what is called an “unlockable content” that only he/she will be able to see.
In this content, will be a code that you need to send to us at
contact@projekt002.com along with your name and address, and we will send to you the whole physical package, i.e. the Sweatshirt, the Owner card and the Perfume.  

 Please have a look at this page for the next steps: click here