— How to create a Coinbase account and get ethers available —

Please note the process of opening your account, getting it verified, then transfering funds to it takes about 4 or 5 business days in total therefore please do not lose too much time in starting the process if you are interested in buying one of the sweatshirts.

Step 1 - create an account

The whole process is very well explained here

Step 2 - Add funds to your account

There are several options available.

For depositing USD, please follow the instructions here. For depositing EUR, please follow the instructions here

Step 3 - buy ethers

Go to https://pro.coinbase.com/trade. In the “select market” space, type ETH. The different trading pairs will appear. If you have added USD to your account, please click on the ETH-USD pair, otherwise ETH-EUR pair.

Once this is done, you will need to click on the BUY button, but first a few things.  By default, it will be a market order and this is fine in 99.999% of the cases so we recommend you not to worry too much about it and leave it as is. For the amount, you can click on max just below if you want to convert all your EUR or USD to ETH. Otherwise put the exact number of EUR or USD you want to exchange with ETH. Then you can click on BUY and confirm.

That’s it, then go to “Portfolios” at the top right corner and you will see you have Ethers.

Now, it is time to create a metamask wallet, so please follow the rest of the instructions here.